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Cc's dad here...just had to say that my dad made the show last minute. Peggy was great and got him a good seat. My dad wanted me to tell you the show was so professional and run like a broadway show. He kept raving how great it was. This coming from someone who never appreciates what Cc has done in the past. This was his first show and said he can't wait till next year.

I know your busy but I just want to say how memorable your recitals are. I got emotional during most of the show and always look forward to your speech at the end. Thanks for your pride and love of what you do. It showed with every performance....the students are lucky to have you. See you in the fall. Oxoxo
It is because of moms like yourself that I have to be grateful for people like you, that make our children shine, and make us moms proud. Happy Mother's Day.

I am not only lucky to have you as a boss but I am also blessed to have you as a mentor and friend. You have HUGE heart and care DEEPLY about your students, staff and parents alike. Having worked in other studios this is EXTREMELY hard to come by. Your passion for your business and the art of dance exudes out of you every day. Your business is what is today because of that. You run a professional, positive, encouraging studio where both students and staff enjoy coming. Bravo Debbie!
Your enthusiasm and PASSION for dance is so clear....so enjoyed YOUR dance too! You are such a role model in every way :)
Take care,
Ms. Debbie,
Thanks again for making all of our girls feel confident and successful! I took a few pictures of you with your seniors at the end of the show.. I thought you might like them. Enjoy your days off. See you in a few weeks!
Ms. Debbie,
Thank you very much for this wonderful dance experience. Your unbeatable teaching techniques and attitude towards your students are admirable. Have a great summer and we hope to see you in the fall!
The V Family
Hi Miss Debbie!
I just wanted to say that last weekend's recital was absolutely amazing and I am so proud to be part of the studio and DanceFusion! We all did a great job and i can't wait to dance on that stage again! there I am free, there I am home♥
Ms. Debbie,
Just wanted to thank you and all your staff for a wonderful show!! You have done a tremendous job with Sophia and your classes have really improved her in so many ways especially in her confidence and socially. We look forward to continuing her dance education with you.. Thank You
J & T M.
I just wanted to thank you for all the TIME, EFFORT and most importantly PASSION you put into yesterday's show. It was absolutely AMAZING! Caitlyn had a great time and will definetely remember her very 1st stage experience. Thank you as well for taking such good care of the girls not only for the show, but all year. We are looking forward to many more years of dance at Maywood. Congratulations on a job well done! And also congrats on a great dance yourself!!
J. O'C.
Thanks for being our number one Dance mother!!!
Mary Ellen
Ms. Debbie,
I have said in the past and I will say it again ... You (and your staff) have given my daughter acceptance and a feeling if safety to dance as if she is Ginger Rodgers... She knows no difference !!! I will always remember the Labor Day we meet at the pool ... Changed Catarina's life !!!! Doctors tell me she has performance anxiety meanwhile she performs at a venue like the academies ... And I don't care what day it falls on !!! We appreciate you and what you and your staff does for children and their emotional and social development ...
Mrs. Debbie,
Just wanted to let you know that you and your staff are very appreciated by the W. Family... You have been in our daughters life for about 4 years now... I couldn't have asked anything more from you. You have taught her more than just dance. Self love and respect for her self and others. Love & Laugh,
L. & V. W.
Good Morning Mrs. Debbie,
You love your students very much and my family and especially my daughter feel that. You always make us feel that you really love & care for Abby. I, my husband & Abby love the experience you have given her & all you have taught her & will continue to teach her about the art of dance & responsibility. You are considerate of families time & money. You try to apply savings in any and every way you can. You are loving and tough and care about your students & parents and that is what makes you stand out.Thank you & we love you Mrs Debbie! Xoxo
The D. Family
Adriana loves her classes, and we love the warm atmosphere at your school! :) Thank you so much for all u do with these girls it is greatly appreciated. I've experience recital at other dance schools with kahomie and no one as organize and dedicated as you.
Ms. Debbie,
Thanks again for making all of our girls feel confident and successful! I took a few pictures of you with your seniors at the end of the show.. I thought you might like them. Enjoy your days off. See you in a few weeks!
P. R.
Another wonderful show...so many interesting preformances. Keep up the hard work...our kids are so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity to learn and express themselves in this studio. You and your team are the best
The W.'s
PS: Joe wants to keep his shoes blue as a memento to remember the day. Isn't that just the best compliment to your teaching and the experience you gave these students? Best wishes again.
Hi Ms. Debbie,
I wanted to congratulate you on a delightful recital. It was our first year participating in show 2 and it was a wonderful show both from a performance perspective as well as a hightly organized event. Can't wait for next year.
Mrs. J.
Hi Debbie,
Just wanted to say what a beautiful show yesterday! Once again you did an amazing job putting everything together! The girls did wonderful and my family had such a wonderful time watching the show again.
Great work!
L. F.
Hello Ms Debbie,
Heartiest congratulations on the wonderful recital performance by all the Maywood dance centre students . The show was amazing !
Hi Miss Debbie,
I wanted to thank you, Miss Nora and all the staff and people that helped making such a great show. It was amazing:) The "I have a dream" was really moving and i really loved it. Thank you again and have a great summer!!
You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you sure can make them feel better.Thanks for your Pilates class...it always makes me feel great on a Tuesday.
kathy K
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